• Martial Smarts


    A weekly column by Carey Daughtry


    Karate teacher and mentor, Carey Daughtry, talks about issues that affect the daily lives of children like Bullying, Child Safety and Abduction Prevention, Health and Fitness, Social Issues, Behavioral Issues, Encouragement, and Empowerment for the benefit of both parents and their children.


  • Salt of the Earth

    salt of earth

    A biweekly column by Pepper Mills


    Pepper Mills, a mother of two teenage boys, shares her experiences as she enters the half century of her life. She describes herself as a bumble bee: “too heavy to fly, but does it anyways”. A really fun blog!


  • Fishing Around the Hill


    A weekly column by Captain Mark Lewis


    Fishing Around the Hill is an informative blog about the coastal rivers, creeks, sounds, and beaches surrounding the beautiful place we call home: Richmond Hill. It will also provide local fishing reports about what is being caught and the tactics used to catch them.

  • Knowledge is Power

     NaomiHavensA biweekly column by Naomi Havens


    Local business owner, cancer survivor, mother, military spouse, & substitute for Richmond Hill schools shares her thoughts about the power of knowledge in decisions she and her family have faced while taking journeys not usually taken by the average person.


  • Professional Soap-Boxing

    JenA biweekly column by Jennifer Furlong


    Let's face it. Communication ain't easy. If it were, none of us would ever get into arguments. Unfortunately, that's just not the case. If you're looking for a place that will help you become a better communicator, then you've come to the right spot. My intent is to provide simple, easy-to-understand advice and tips that you can actually use. Imagine that!


  • Raising Little Lingüists™

    cheyennepicA monthly column by Cheyenne Willis-Kozaily


    Cheyenne is a linguist, momprenuer, teacher, translator/interpreter, Founder and Chief Linguistics Consultant for Bilingual Familia Consulting & International School, LLC. She writes candidly and from the heart about raising a trilingual family, offering expert linguistics advice and support for multilingual families.


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