Doc-in-the-house---Dr.-Bob-JohnsonCandidate for 1st Congressional District Embarks on a Two Day Campaign Swing

Savannah, GA - Dr. Bob Johnson, surgeon, retired Army Ranger and conservative candidate for the First Congressional District will embark today on a two day campaign swing through the district.


WASHINGTON, D.C.-Today, Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) voted to support the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act in the House.


“After a long struggle, we finally have a new five year farm bill. This accomplishment means a lot to South Georgia,” said Kingston.


Legislation reforms a number of commodity programs. It saves taxpayers $16.6 billion over existing policy. Much of these savings will be achieved within the first year. South Georgia agriculture groups-especially peanuts, fruit and vegetables, forestry, and cotton-will benefit significantly from having updated farm policy locked down for the next several years. Specialty crops will benefit because this bill reforms the State Block Grant program to give State Departments of Agriculture and local farmers more control over projects.


Taxpayers across the US will see savings because this farm bill repeals direct payments, caps subsidies to wealthy farmers, prevents people from receiving food stamp benefits in multiple states, and prohibits the USDA from advertising on TV or radio and in partnership with foreign governments.


Kingston states: “While the bill does not trim the food stamp program as much as I would prefer, it does cut over 8 billion dollars and strengthens restrictions, making it harder to abuse the program.”

jack-kingstonNews from the Office of Congressman Jack Kingston 

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) recognizes the "hard landing" at Hunter Army Airfield late Wednesday evening:


johnny-murphyMurphy Defeats Incumbent for Council P1

Johnny Murphy, Richmond Hill Developer and founder of Richmond Hill Reflections Magazine and, has defeated incumbent Van Hunter for the Post 1 Richmond Hill City Council seat. Murphy earned 353 votes to Hunter's 272. 


jm-for-councilWelcome Message from Johnny


For 30 years as a businessman in Richmond Hill, I have been committed to building beautiful and well- planned communities that homeowners would be proud to live in. Throughout this process I have concentrated on creating quality neighborhoods in desirable locations, with enduring aesthetic appeal and amenities that foster excitement and enthusiasm and a sense ownership for its residents. Providing this level of quality for residents in the Richmond Hill area has not only meant building good neighborhoods, but also developing the community assets that make our town a desirable place to live. Much of my time and energy has been spent with county and city government developing and implementing plans for roads, schools and infrastructure that comes with growth. Richmond Hill has a good reputation as a "great place to live, work and play."


Richmond Hill City Council Elections


Early voting for the next municipal election for the City of Richmond Hill begins on October 14, 2013 at The Wetlands Education Center (in J.F. Gregory Park) located at 600 Cedar Street in Richmond Hill, Georgia. The election is held to select a Mayor and two members of Council; Post 1 and Post 2.


House advances legislation to prohibit scandal-plagued agency from implementing Obamacare


With the recent revelations coming out of the Internal Revenue Service –news this week that it colluded with the Federal Elections Commission to influence rulings – the last place the scandal-plagued agency belongs is in the most personal aspect of our lives: our health care.


That is, unfortunately, exactly where Obamacare puts the agency and its army of bureaucrats. In the largest expansion of its authority in history, the IRS would be charged with administering 47 provisions of the law.


House passes legislation to reform agricultural programs, save taxpayers $20 billion


While we are increasingly becoming known for big companies like Coca Cola, UPS, and Delta or for the huge volume of goods that pass through our ports, agriculture remains Georgia’s largest industry.


The hard work of our many farmers, ranchers, and producers contributes $71.1 billion to our economy each year. Six in ten Georgians are employed in food or food production.


The Obama Administration this week announced it would postpone a controversial mandate within Obamacare for one year. Without the delay, businesses with 50 employees or more would be subject to a fine beginning next year if they failed to provide their employees with health insurance.


jackkFrom Washington, D.C.


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Arthur Leong and Patricia Joyce of Richmond Hill today ran into Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) on the East Lawn of the Capitol during a rally about immigration reform. Like Arthur and Patricia, Congressman Kingston believes we must enforce our laws before we advance new immigration reform and that amnesty is not an option.

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