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Construction machinery
Source :    Publication date: 2014/3/12    Read the number: 1794

Construction machinery in the 21st century is gradually moving towards modern industrialization
Since the Second World War, the history of the development of humanity has gone through several generations of changes in production relations, relations of production change is around the social productive forces progress gradually adjust the wheel of history is moving forward, that is the social productive forces always is in progress, the progress of human society, all obstacles to the development of productive forces and factors will naturally adjust or disappear naturally. As an area of ??social development, the engineering machinery involved can cover the entire field of architecture, it is hosted in productivity among the individual, but also with the progress of productive forces, and, gradually moving towards a new, even high-end field.
  We all know that in recent history, the accelerated development of productive forces, once the outbreak of the three scientific and technological revolution, industrial revolution (steam engine), the scientific and technological revolution (motor, internal combustion engine) and a new revolution in science and technology (computer), three scientific and technological revolution in turn cross from the age of steam to the power age, across the network the information age, the industrial revolution and scientific and technological revolution has been conducted in the end of the first half of the nineteenth century and the late 19th century, new scientific and technological revolution is still going on until now. Power development of productive forces of the new science and technology, and the generation of new science and technology and promote the development of productive forces, interlocking towards modern science and technology take-off and the era of rapid development. It creates the emerging productivity is irreplaceable

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