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The historical changes of the northwest bearing
Source :    Publication date: 2014/3/12    Read the number: 1859

The historical changes of the northwest bearing
Northwest bearing experienced old factory relocation of new sites, stripped listed the various historical periods of company vise general manager Cui Jianchang talked about the development of enterprise, the most experience was prospectively and innovation. Cui Jianchang told the reporters, northwest bearing is the country three line construction of key enterprises, has strong advantages of scale and the advantage of human resources.
  After 46 years of wind and rain baptism, the company has been formed for the petroleum, railway, metallurgy, engineering machinery supporting the four leading products bearing. In 30 years of reform and opening up, the northwest area of similar enterprises nearly disappeared, only the northwest bearing is over perplexed, still often in youth. Many local market bearings are very common, such as Xi''an bearings bearing bearing market, Beijing, Shanghai and so on.
  Northwest bearing manufacturing bearing petroleum machinery, in the early 90''s of the last century it has reached the international advanced level. In 2007, West axis to the domestic mining depth the longest matching bearing, in the factory acceptance after 900 tons of static load test, a test and acceptance. Today, northwest bearing product oil equipment bearing not only face the domestic market, but also exported to the United States travel across many seas, Britain and other European and American markets. At present, northwest bearing completed post-doctoral scientific research workstation, with export exemption, a well-known trademark in China two a gilded signboard.
  In April 28, 2011, the company received a major shareholder China the Great Wall asset management company announcement, Ningxia pagoda Petrochemical Group Company Limited in accordance with the Great Wall of China asset management company signed a" share transfer agreement" (see the company in January 18, 2011 February 17th, in the" Securities Times" and the giant network announcement ), has the remaining equity transfer payment. Up to now, Ningxia pagoda Petrochemical Group Limited has been paid to the Chinese the Great Wall asset management company share transfer price of 405470856 yuan, accounting for 100% of the total amount of the contract. According to the agreement, the equity transfer payment will be completed for the equity transfer procedures. The company will timely disclosure of relevant equity transfer progress. Please pay attention to investment risks investors.

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